Financial aid is given to deserving students who are in need.  Every applicant for scholarship needs to establish two things: that he is deserving and he is in need. 

How do you establish that you deserve to get the financial aid?

Applicants can establish that they deserve to get the financial aid by writing a personalized and professionally made scholarship essay.  However, this is easier said than done.   While writing a personal and appealing scholarship essay is not rocket science, there are simple steps that you need to do to be able to prepare a convincing scholarship essay.


Every university has a unique requirement for their scholarship essay.  Some universities require that the essay be submitted in specific format.  Some have maximum or minimum number of words.  Of course, all universities have deadlines in accepting applications.  The applicant is accountable for these requirements. 


Before writing the scholarship essay, the applicant needs to write down at least three major accomplishments in life.  The purpose of the accomplishments is to show the committee that the applicant is somebody who has goals in life and take steps to accomplish these goals.


The applicant needs to inform the committee about his career goals and how the scholarship can help him accomplish these goals.  In discussing his career goals, the applicant should demonstrate that he is serious about his career goals and he takes steps to make them a reality.


The committee is also interested to know the hurdles and obstacles the applicant may have encountered in his life.  In this part, the committee is looking for evidence that the applicant has strong will and is truly deserving of the financial aid.

Sample Scholarship Essays

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