Business Schools

With the costs of MBA application and tuition fees, people might be tempted to think that MBA has become less competitive than before.  On the contrary, business school applications remain as competitive as ever.  With the tighter job market, many graduate students consider that getting an MBA degree or units might given them an edge over the other applicants

MBA applicants should be aware that getting to their first-choice universities require the right combination of work experiences, undergraduate grades, application essays and their GMAT test scores.

Should the applicant feel that his grades and test scores do not stand out from the rest, his only opportunity is to focus on his application essays. MBA applicants should never take for granted the importance of the essays.  The essays should contain information about the applicant that may not have been reflected on the GMAT scores or any other documents submitted to the admissions officers. It is the best opportunity for the applicants to share their personal stories and give the admissions officers an idea about the applicants’ values, dreams and aspirations.

Our MBA essays help the admissions officers get to know the MBA applicant through an interesting description of his strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes, interests and hobbies.  We seek to demonstrate the applicants’ leadership skills, analytical skills, and community involvement.



In your statement of purpose, it is essential for the candidate to adequately show that he has leadership potential not only within the classroom but even in his community and in his organization.  Has the applicant managed a group of individuals to accomplish an objective?

Analytical Skills

Business schools expect the candidates to have the ability to dissect and analyze a given problem and find comprehensive solutions.  Sharp analytical skills allow candidates to be able to see problems from a variety of perspectives.

Community Involvement

More importantly, the candidate should demonstrate his willingness to contribute to the growth and development of the community.  It is essential for the candidates to exhibit that they do not only have sharp minds but also caring hearts.  This is expressed through their desire to share the knowledge and experiences they have gained to struggling students.

“Cheers! What can I say? The SOP was amazing! I believe it played an important role in helping me get to CUA. Fantastic work to your team who helped make my dream a reality.”

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I was in tears and lost for words after I found out that I
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Maryam S.

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Good news team! I am so happy to let you know that I was admitted to FAMU. All our hard work paid off. This is it. Thank you for all your hard work and effort. It means a lot to me.

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You guys are so professional. The statement of purpose essay I ordered a few months ago was fantastic. It was so well done. More power and cheers to your wonderful group!

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