Sample 500-word Scholarship Essay


If you receive this scholarship, you are required to perform 100 hours of community service every year. Discuss what you plan to do to fulfill this requirement. You are encouraged to define a project in which you promote the Persian culture. This essay should be about 500 words.

This incoming school year would be my last year of undergraduate studies before I earn my degree in Business and Finance. I am keen to take advantage of the remaining months to do something great and give back to the community all the wonderful things I have learned and the experiences I have gained in the years of studying at the university. If given a scholarship by the ________ Scholarship Foundation, I would like to promote the Iranian culture by serving my community through volunteer work for children and for the elderly.

One of the projects I intend to execute is tutoring kids. During high school, I served as a tutor for children at an orphanage in Tehran. I helped them complete their homework in math and elementary English and taught them household chores. I would like to continue teaching young children the value of education. American families place a strong emphasis on education of both boys and girls, and parents dream that their children pursue higher education. I want to serve as an example to these young learners that if they study well from grade school to high school, they themselves will open the doors for college education, and eventually career success. Using my knowledge in math and English, I would guide children in understanding their lessons and practicing good study habits. More than academic enrichment, I am also keen to share with these kids my values as an Iranian and inspire them to embrace their uniqueness and work their best to reach their goals.

Another project that I intend to do is to help seniors at a nursery home or any institution offering elderly care services. I have been brought up in a home that pays utmost respect for the elders. My parents have taught me reverence to older people who have experienced so much and have acquired great wisdom throughout their life. I would like to extend this value of respect for the elderly to seniors who need genuine and loving care and compassion. Elders in senior homes have gone through so much in their lives and it is just appropriate to give them back the love, patience, and understanding they have lived by. My goal is to assist them in their daily routine such as eating, clothing, doing chores, or in any other activity or task in which they need support. More than the physical assistance, I would lend a listening ear to those who have stories to tell, insights to share, and wisdom to impart.

Both these projects present great opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life and learn a great deal about life. I think it would be a great way to end my final year if I get to serve my community and learn a thing or two from the people who are part of that community. More importantly, it would give me the chance to explore what I am capable of doing and what I can still do in the future.