Law School Admission

If you are still undecided about going to law school, you need to be aware that since 2010 there has been a consistent decrease in the admission rate in law schools.   Since enrollments are dropping, it is expected that law schools will compete with each other for promising law school applicants.  Thus, if your dream is to become a lawyer, now is your best chance to getting admitted to your first choice law school. 


Law School Admission Essay

One of the essential requirements in law school admission is the personal statement essay.  The personal statement essay plays an important role in the admission process since it provides the admissions committee a perspective about the applicant that could not be found in the grades and test scores.  Considering the purpose of the personal statement essay, it is imperative for the candidate to write a compelling story emphasizing on his professional experiences, and unique skills and talents.  The goal is to give the admissions committee an insight on his personality.

While this is easier said than done, there are a couple of basic tips to get show your true and authentic self.

Talk About Your Career Goals

To be able to connect with the admissions committee, it is suggest that the student should discuss about his career goals.  How does the applicant see herself 5 to 10 years after getting the law degree? Does she want to venture into tax, environment, civil rights or intellectual property.  Discuss your career goal in the admissions essay helps the admission committee connect with your authentic self. 

Discuss Your Experience

How committed are you to pursuing law? Law schools seek to weed out the applicants only to those who are dedicated and committed to finishing the law degree.  In the essay, share your experiences that led you to decide to pursue law.

Avoid Boring Personal Statement Essay

On average, the admissions officer only allots around 5 minutes to read the papers of the students.  Students who write boring and uninteresting personal statement essay stand no chance of getting admitted. 

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You guys are so professional. The statement of purpose essay I ordered a few months ago was fantastic. It was so well done. More power and cheers to your wonderful group!

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