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Cover Letters and Business Letters

Aside from your resume, a cover letter is the first chance for you to make a favorable first impression on the potential employers. We know that in most cases, applying for a job is all about first impressions! What makes the cover letter even more critical than your resume is the fact that you directly reach out to the hiring manager using the cover letter. You talk to them, assert yourself by highlighting your qualifications, and extend willingness for further communication by requesting an interview. There’s so much you can do with a well-written cover letter!

We ask questions: what job you’re seeking, your current skillset and expertise, and unique soft skills. Then, we translate the information we gather into a standout cover letter that increases the likelihood for an interview.

Qualities of an Impressive Cover Letter

Know Your Audience

To attract the attention of the readers, it is essential that the cover letter is directed to your target audience.  There is a big difference between generic cover letters and a cover letter written with a specific company in mind.  The hiring managers can spot them within seconds from reading your cover letter.

Instead of writing “To Whom It May Concern” on your cover letter, find out who will be reading your resume.  A quick Google search from the company’s website will get give that information.  If the job applicant is responding to a job posting which enumerates the qualifications for the job, it is essential for the job applicant to stress that he has those skills and experiences for the job.

Make Connection

To stand out from the other cover letters, the cover letter should demonstrate the connection between the job applicant and the company’s values and core principles.  The job candidate can accomplish this by doing a diligent research about the company and its core principles and emphasizing how he is a perfect fit for the company.


Find Out The 5 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

In some cases, job applicants feel that they have the qualifications, skills and experiences the company needs.  Nevertheless, they often fall short and fail to land the job.  Failure to land a job can be attributed to four common mistakes.

Among the four common mistakes job seekers make are:

Failure to Follow Instructions

One of the basic steps in job application is to follow the instructions.  However, most job applicants fail to observe the simplest requirements.  Some job applicants leave some boxes in blank or forget to attach cover letters, resume and other material information required by the prospective employers.

Submitting a Generic Resume

Job applicants always make a mistake of sending their resume to multiple companies which is a complete waste of time. Job applicants should thoroughly read the job posting, find out the qualifications they are looking for in job applicants, and customize their resume by inserting these skills and qualifications.  It is all about scanning the job posting for the keywords and integrating them in the resume.

No Professional References

Job candidates always make the mistake of forgetting to include professional references.  Professional references serve as customer testimonials about the job candidate.  It tells the prospective employer about the professional qualifications of the job candidate such as his work ethic, skills and expereriences.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Do you ever wonder why you are still unemployed? Perhaps, you need to check your profiles in the social media.  Job candidates fail to realize that prospective employers are now checking their social media profiles.  Thus, unprofessional pictures and posts on your FB gives a poor impression on the job candidate. 

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