Worst Job Interview Questions

The interview process is one of the toughest part of the job application process.  It is the time the hiring managers and the job candidate gets the chance to interact and know more about each other.  A job candidate may have the best resume, cover letter and references, but if he fails to impress the hiring managers during the interview, he will not be hired.

According to iCIMS, Inc., hiring managers may ask different kinds of questions during the interview.  Thus, it is important for the job candidate to be prepared to respond to these interview questions.  Some of these questions can be legitimate but some can be unethical.

Below are some of the questions that hiring managers have asked job applicants according to iCIMS, Inc.

  • “What is God’s plan for you, in your opinion?”
  • “What do you wear on Tuesdays?”
  • “Are you pregnant?”
  • “How many online chat rooms do you belong to?”
  • “Are you rich?”
  • “Are you married or single?”