Stand Out from the Rest by Acing Your Resume

Stand Out from the Rest by Acing Your Resume

Writing your resume is the first step to landing your dream job. Make sure you will be one of the shortlisted applicants with your resume. Don’t know how to start? Here are some tips

Be specific in your details

Choose related keywords to the job description. Most companies rely on a tracking system to select resumes with more related keywords and take out the rest. They save their time and resources in doing this process. Thus, be very concise and specific in writing your resume. Read all details in the job description to know the keywords to include in your resume.

Show your distinct character

If your resume shows the same with other hundred applicants, chances are you may not even be shortlisted at all. Be creative but remain professional in doing your resume. Try to use a different format for your resume. For example, instead of bullet points to enumerate skills use graphics. Free online platforms for creating resume are available to give you ideas on the formats.

Be concise according to their needs

Those recruiters or managers who will read your resume have a full plate on their hands. Their limited time would only make them choose those whom they approved at once. They want to see immediately if you can deliver according to their demands and needs. No need to include everything you know or experience about the job offer. Be concise to what they want and should see from your resume.

Use numerical and statistical figures

This is commonly overlooked by most applicants. In writing your resume, include numbers to give a clearer description of your skills and experience. For instance, to show more of those managerial skills, put the number of staff from the previous work. For writers, how many articles and number of words each article can be done in a day. These help in showing the extent of what you can deliver within the pressure, demand, needs, and time related to work.

Use a short but substantial cover letter

The cover letter helps too in pitching why they should hire you. Remember, resume goes together with a cover letter. In the digital age where job application is done online, make sure the cover letter is not too long and boring to read. Keep it short but substantial. Show your eagerness, explain where you find out the job offer, and close it with a positive tone.

Follow these tips and get a better chance to ace that job you want. Best of luck!