Sample Statement of Career Goals and Professional Aspirations for University of San Francisco

Sample Statement of Career Goals and Professional Aspirations for University of San Francisco

My name is ___________, seeking admission to the MS Health Informatics at the University of San Francisco. I want to pursue this graduate program because in the near term, I would like to gain exposure in the field of information technology in the healthcare industry through the rigorous coursework and opportunity to conduct research and put theory into practice. After such exposure, I am keen to apply my newly acquired knowledge and skills by working at a hospital’s IT department. My plan is to launch my career by becoming a supportive and effective member of an American healthcare institution shortly after completing my Master’s. This would be my way of giving back the education I would gain from the United States. For the middle- and long-term, I would like to establish my own wellness center. For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of managing a wellness center that specifically targets women. By obtaining the MS Health Informatics degree, I would be able to affect health outcomes of underserved women who deserve the right to good health and good life.

I hail from a country where women’s rights have not been of top priority, __________. In terms of health, ______ women do not have the freedom to exercise or engage in physical activities. They are not allowed to exercise in the same venues or facilities that men do. After giving birth, women have limited opportunities for physical activity because culture and restrict them in the home to take care of their children and the household. This inactivity results in several health complications, including diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. When women do want to go out of the house and exercise, they are faced with challenges on the streets. Often, they find themselves harassed by drivers or other male passersby.

When I came to the United States, my commitment to advocating for women’s health only grew stronger. As I saw women – young and old – freely and safely engaging in physical activities like sports and exercise whenever and wherever they wanted, it gave me more reason to pursue my goal of improving myself through graduate education so that I can improve the lives of women in my country. I am a strong proponent of health as a basic right, and women deserve the same basic rights as men. If women are able to take care of their health, they will be able to fulfill their duties and take care of generations, which in turn will positively affect the society and country.

I have prepared myself well for this graduate program. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a focus on Hospitals and Health Services from the University of __________. After completing my undergraduate studies, I worked as an administrative secretary at ___________Hospital, where I gained familiarity in insurance billing and the financial aspect of hospital management. This position also allowed me to apply the concepts I learned from my undergraduate degree. If admitted to the Health Informatics program, I would gain more competencies, methods, and strategies on how to improve the quality of healthcare in my country, particularly for women. The impact of receiving my degree will be far reaching, and I would be able to contribute to improving the lives of many others as a result.

Finally, as a Saudi woman, obtaining a degree in Health Informatics would serve as a good example that other Saudi women could emulate. I feel that by successfully completing my Master’s degree in the US and going after the goals I have set out for myself, I would become an excellent role model for other aspiring healthcare professionals while filling a distinct cultural gap in the professional medical industry. From my experience in the US, I would be able to have the opportunity to transfer my knowledge into practical action. If I gain a USFCA education, I would have the competencies to shift mindsets and healthcare practices so that women’s health rights are prioritized. The combination of experience, education, and commitment to goals would allow me to succeed at giving women equal opportunities in health and wellness. Thus, I hope the University supports me in my vision by admitting me into the MS Health Informatics program.