Sample Personal Statement Essay for Howard University

Sample Personal Statement Essay for Howard University

My name is ______________________, seeking admission to the Master of Education degree in Educational Administration and Supervision at Howard University. This academic pursuit has been motivated by my professional work and progression in the education sector. I started as an instructor and later moved up to become vice principal, in which I began to feel my passion for leadership, development, and ways to boost work productivity while combining that with successful outcomes for our students. It is for this reason that I have been inspired to further develop my administrative leadership abilities and skills. I have been bestowed with the responsibility to assume the educational directorate supervisor role at [_______________________]. I firmly believe that an advanced education in Educational Administration and Supervision would enable me to undertake the complex and challenging duties in my new position effectively and efficiently.


I am applying for admission to the Master’s program backed up by years of extensive and well recognized work experience in education along with excellent academic background. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Science, and Mathematics at ______________________in ______________ in 1997, where I garnered high academic honors with a GPA of [_____]. After successful completion of my degree, I immediately gained employment as the sole Mathematics instructor at a grade school in ___________. As a budding teacher, I learned the ropes of becoming an effective and committed education practitioner as I created lesson plans and tests and imparted knowledge to almost all grade school pupils. After three years in this role, I transferred to another grade school, where I was tasked not only with teaching duties but directorship roles as well. I taught mathematics while providing guidance and leadership to the math department. After three years in this role, I moved on to my most recent school, Elementary School 390, where I also served as an instructor of mathematics and vice principal. For the past 11 years, I have devoted my time, talents, and energy trying to improve the teaching methodologies and student outcomes in this school. Thus, I received several awards from the General Educational Directorate for my exemplary performance and leadership capabilities.


Aside from technical skills in teaching and the ability to lead and manage a school, I also developed my research and design skills in my professional work. I submitted a research project titled, “Smart School,” which focused on how to use technology as an alternative to traditional education. The project was a success as I was promoted to the [_____________] role upon exemplary presentation and defense of my findings and recommendations.


Throughout my work in the teaching profession for 18 years, I have always aspired to make a difference in the education sector of my country. I have this vision of starting my own model educational institution where I can apply the lessons I learned and the challenges I encountered throughout my career in a practical setting. Moreover, in the course of my professional experience as an educator and educational leader, I encountered students with various challenges, including learning disabilities and behavioral problems. I am keen to explore ways to address these learners’ challenges and make a better, more inclusive academic experience for them.


I am therefore seeking advanced studies in Educational Administration and Supervision in order to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make my vision a reality. I am keen to transfer all the expertise and research I would acquire from your esteemed university to properly put them into practice in educational institutions in my homeland. I possess the leadership skills and ability to conduct research and the interpersonal skills to collaborate with and learn from peers and professors of diverse cultures. I hope the University recognizes my qualifications and potential to create meaningful change for learners in my home country.